Landlord-Tenant Law

As experienced real estate attorneys, Sherrow Marshall Schrader, PSC creates solutions for landlords and property managers. We understand that removing problem tenants in a timely manner is central to maintaining the profits and equity of landlords who are working hard to run a successful business and provide safe, reliable housing for their residents. We have committed our substantial knowledge about real estate, contracts, and property rights to helping Kentucky rental owners and managers:

  • Have strong leases
  • Provide proper notices to tenants
  • Resolve tenant disputes
  • Evict problem tenants
  • Collect unpaid debts
  • Avoid housing discrimination lawsuits
  • Maintain the integrity and profitability of their properties

Drafting solid leases for property owners

Both landlords and tenants can avoid potential problems by having a well-drafted contract that clearly sets forth the rights and obligations of each party. We discuss the particulars of your property and its occupancy and construct clear, detailed leases that cover all aspects of your rental agreement. When you present a lease to a prospective tenant, you will feel confident that you are absolutely in compliance with Kentucky law and that your rights are protected should a dispute arise.


Compliance with fair housing laws

Federal, state, and local fair housing laws require landlords to: (1) avoid discriminatory treatment of tenants and applicants, (2) grant reasonable accommodations and modifications to disabled persons, and (3) avoid policies that have an adverse impact on a protected class. We can help you establish rules, policies, and procedures that allow you to act with confidence and in compliance with the law.



Eviction is disruptive to both the landlord and the tenant. Each day matters when dealing with a tenant who is not paying the rent, damaging your property, or disturbing other resident. We can help you take the proper steps to remove such tenants as soon as the law allows, while helping you avoid the mistakes that cost landlords time and money.

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